Canton Early College High School Changing a City

by Kate Westrich on October 22, 2015

At EDWorks, we know Early College works. It’s reaffirmed every time a first generation college goer earns their first college credit and every time a student graduates with an associate degree and a high school diploma. The data supports Early College as well.

A new collection of data from the Stark Education Partnership, Continued Proof: The First Seven Graduating Classes of Canton Early College High School, illustrates that Early College is not only working at Canton Early College High School, it’s changing a city.

In 2005, leaders in Canton, Ohio, wanted to get more of their young people getting some college credits or an associate degree. At that point, only 33% of the population could make that claim. They received funding provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through KnowledgeWorks / EDWorks and the state of Ohio, as part of the Ohio High School Transformation Initiative to create Canton Early College High School. The goal was that the school would not only bring college opportunities to more students, but also help shift the culture.

It worked. In Continued Proof, the Stark Education Partnership reports that by Canton Early College High School’s “eighth year of operation in 2013 (the latest figure available) the percentage of young adults with some college or higher had increased to 57%.”

Other remarkable data points in the report include that every student who has graduated from Canton Early College High School has graduated on time and with college credit. Every student as in 100%! And 62 percent of those students graduated with an associate degree as well as a high school diploma!

Read the full report from the Stark Education Partnership: Continued Proof: The First Seven Graduating Classes of Canton Early College High School,

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